Jacinthe Demeter’s Amazonian Radiance


A special gel crème that has been formulated specifically for dull and tired skin. After you massage it into the skin you instantly get that sun-kissed Amazonian glow. How does that happen? Its formula contains rare oils and butters, tree resins, pure plant ceramides, whole plant cells and a high number of active ingredients that work in a synergistic manner to deeply hydrate and soothe the skin and repair its lipid barrier. Size: 30gr

Τα προϊόντα Jacinthe είναι οργανικά και κατασκευάζονται έπειτα της παραγγελίας σας. Ο χρόνος παράδωσης υπολογίζεται γύρω στις 5 εργάσιμες μέρες.

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