Jacinthe Demeter’s Brightening Eye Gel


A Botanical formula that boosts microcirculation, improves, brightens and tightens skin. Includes plant stem cells from Papyrus and Snow Lotus which are highly moisturizing and antiaging, coffee from green tea and saffron extract. Use our eye gel in the morning and the wrinkle resist at night for a more complete treatment. Demeter’s Brightening Eye Gel comes in a 30gr airless bottle.

Τα προϊόντα Jacinthe είναι οργανικά και κατασκευάζονται έπειτα της παραγγελίας σας. Ο χρόνος παραλαβής υπολογίζεται γύρω στις 5 εργάσιμες μέρες.

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